The Research directions of the Department:

  • The epidemiology of the pulmonary tuberculosis in children and adults in the city of Chisinau.
  • The resistant tuberculosis in children and adults.
  • The clinical particularities of tuberculosis in children and adolescents.
  • The clinical particularities and efficiency in patients with the co-infection TB/HIV/AIDS
  • The efficiency of treatment in patients with the pulmonary tuberculosis, new cases, depending of the detection method.
  • Tuberculosis in homeless patients from the city of Chisinau.
  • The impact of migration on tuberculosis in the Republic of Moldova.
  • TB mortality in R.Moldova

The Thesis of doctoral candidacy in the working:

  • Malic Alina: “Clinical aspects of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and efficiency of the  treatment depending of  the drug resistance spectrum”
  • Lesnic Evelina: “Failure of  the  treatment  of pulmonary tuberculosis”
  • Vasile Popa: ” Particularities of mortality from tuberculosis in the Republic of Moldova”
  • Culev Vyacheslav: “The impact of migration on the spread of tuberculosis in R.Moldova”
  • Olga Caraiani “The clinical and laboratory particularities of the infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis with severe evolution under DOTS “